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    War Declared!


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    War Declared!

    Post by Darkwing on Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:50 am

    Earlier the Sith sent out a news broadcast on all audio comm channels:

    "This is Dark Lady Darth Taral. I have considerable evidence that the Jedi themselves had created this virus that is striking the Galaxy right now. And so, as the leader of the Sith, I have declared war on the Jedi until I have purged every Jedi known to the Galaxy. I shall not stop until no Jedi moves, and until then, I shall wreak havoc and destruction across the Galaxy. If you want evidence of the Jedi's malice and evil, then I shall make it public. The official showing of the data chip in which I've downloaded the evidence from is in ever capital building on every Sith planet. Believe me, if I destroy the Jedi, I will be doing the Galaxy a favor. Good day people of the Galaxy - and keep in mind, all Jedi are officially banned from Sith space. Any associations with the Jedi will result in imprisonment, unless you turn in that Jedi. That is all."

    We shortly after received a reply from the Jedi Order after inquiring about the message:

    " So The Sith have created a Virus, And trying to Blame the Jedi, the Jedi are a peace keeper force, not monsters. We Will not retaliate, but will defend our selfs. "

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