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    Jedi Order Lottery


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    Jedi Order Lottery Empty Jedi Order Lottery

    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:27 pm

    Willice Evans wrote:This is the Jedi Order Lottery.

    Anyone can enter, including myself (you'll see why in a min)

    The Lottery numbers are done on the following days:

    It is compleatly random, you guess a 4 digit Number.

    Then, on the day of the Week that the Lottery is drawn, i will ask 2 indevidual people numbers, it will be difforent people each time, then i will multiply those numbers to get the winning number.

    Terms: (Matches must be the number in the same spot)
    1 Number Match = 1 Credit
    2 number Match = 25 Credits
    3 Number Match = 25% of Jackpot
    4 Number Match = 100% of Jackpot

    It costs 10 Credits per Number you choose, and payment will be when you choose, either all at once (with a 10% Tax on total amount) or over time paying 150 Credits per payday untill payed off (With a 5% Tax on total amount)

    The Jackot will be riased when people enter, 8 Credits go to the jackpot, and 2 Credits go to the Jedi Order.

    Post here to enter, post the 4 numbers you choose, you can only play 1 number per game, but you can buy all weeks numbers at one time, just put what day the number is for, you have untill i put the Winning Number down, the Game starts today, so you have a few hours before i choose a final number.

    Current Jackpot: 200 Credits (its not much, but it will raise over time)

    Willice Evans wrote:I Pay 10 Credits

    Day: Thursday (Today)
    Number: 6243

    Willice Evans wrote:The 2 Numbers were: 6 and 471

    The Final Number is: 2826

    Please Re-enter for another drawing.

    Willice Evans wrote:I Pay 10 Credits

    Day: Saturday
    Number: 4287

    Willice Evans wrote:The 2 numbers are 3 and 732

    Final Number: 2196

    No winners, please try again tomarrow.

    Jackpot: 216 Credits (Next payday the jedi will make it more interesting and bump up the value by adding a few thousand credits, and some random prizes for raffles we do)

    Willice Evans wrote:Deposite 10 Credits

    Number: 4829

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