Due to the lack of interest in DOF, the game has been shut down.
A new game is currently being developed, one which takes place in our own universe!  So keep checking for updates to this new game!



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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:28 pm

    Darth Taral wrote:My complaint is that there are no mining facilities for any of the steels of Star Wars, so I can't build ships and such.

    Ta'u wrote:ships don't cost any minerals just money. No custom ships (at this point). you can only build the ships listed.

    Marro Dayre wrote:yeah, we used to have minerals and mines, but it proved to be an easy way for players to uber. Should the system be revised it might get re-implemented, but there are no current plans for it at the moment

    Willice Evans wrote:When the site was under my control, for the short period it was,i had created a miniral based custom ship system, it is in the archives if you feel you want to integrate it again, also, the other one from the previouse game is there to.

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