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    Sith Conquest!


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    Sith Conquest!

    Post by Darkwing on Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:25 pm

    It has just been reported that the planet of Naboo has fallen to the One Sith. From what our sources have said, the battle was swift and decisive, with force on the Sith's side, the Jedi ships were eliminated and the planet shortly after surrendered to the Sith.

    Darth Taral, leader of the Sith has already set new laws on the planet of Naboo and if you re currently residing on Naboo, then it may be too late to leave.

    This is the first strike of a Sith/Jedi war and the odds look to be in the Sith's favour. As always, the GNC will keep you up to date on the current events of the war.

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