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    The End

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    Post by Jodi Oron on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:28 pm

    It was as if the whole Galaxy cheered; after all, the hope of the Galaxy under Sith control had realized their dreams. People rang out in happiness, as whole families ran through the streets, screaming thanks in the name of the Sith. As all that had hated the Jedi for their neglagence of the Outer Rim praised Taral, Darth Taral had made way to the head command center of the whole Sith Empire.

    "Commander..." Taral said softly, with a hint of senstitivity. "The war is over."

    And after meen hurried and relieved sighs, the Commander sent word to the all Sith planets and bases. Many people had begun to be happy again; soldiers went into misconduct by rapidly partying, and Darth Taral was in such a great mood, she didn't punish them. For the first time in a while, Darth Taral was smiling. The next place that Taral had ventured to was the reconissance center, where she had ordered a name change. "For now on, the Sith shall no longer be named 'Sith.' We shall be the 'Potentium.'" After that, Taral also ordered - "And please, remove my Darth title. It is now obsolete; it is a silly title."

    Telara Felusiun now began making many changes...

    She sent a message to the the worlds of the Sith.

    "Attention all command bases, order IA-1 is now in effect. You may now drop your act as Sith. We now effectively are a democracy, not a monarchy." And with a smile, she said 'thank you,' in advance to those that were to listen, and turned off the channel. I have no effectively eliminated all hostile and corrupt forces... The general I ordered killed on Nal'Hutta... Alari, the corrupt renegade... And the rest were just following orders in fear...

    You see, this all was a covert plan and mission of the Jedi... the true Jedi. Master Vargo Canplo had sent his young apprentice, Telara Felusiun, on a mission to take control of the Sith and cease all the evil operations, and return control to the Jedi. Vargo, knowing Telara had much potential and already was a very powerful individual, had much faith in Telara; with reason. But, as Telara ceased control of the Sith, Vargo had been (he died somehow, right?), and Telara, still in her early 30s, was lost on what to do. With her anger, and hatred of what had happened, she had corrupted herself; what she had pretended to be for nearly a year had become reality. But somewhere, in Telara, was a spark of hope for change; and with the cease of power for the corrupting Alari, Telara had entered a state of peace and hope, realizing what needed to be done - the realization of her old master's dreams. And so it was, that the slaughter of Jedi - which was a ploy to further the belief that Taral was a real Sith - would end, and the Potentium and Jedi would live in peace and harmony. Telara withdrew the 'Darth' titles and revealed her birth name, the name she would go by; the Potentium was now a democracy, with Telara as the main military and political leader. The world entered a state of peace, especially sense the so-called slavery on Naboo ended. What really happened was that all on Naboo had been evacuated before the bombing, and Taral had her people rebuild with the elustrious and luxurios material called gold. The galaxy, after all it's flaws, had been deemed worthy of preservation...

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