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    Ferry System


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:34 pm

    Willice Evans wrote:Evan and Aang Services is proud to introduce a ferry system, we need donations to build the ships....but here is the rout the ships will follow

    Ferry System Ferry_10

    The Ferry will stop at every planet that intercepts its rout........it will stay for 1 day.......and then it will leave, it will be piloted by a real player if we can find one that will........if not it will be piloted by an NPC Infentry Member, the ship will be small and useless if stolen......

    Willice Evans wrote:(Sorry to double)

    Open to anyone to use
    You are safe from enemy ships, as long as this is not used to transport enemy troops into enemy space.

    100 Credits Per Stop

    Willice Evans wrote:(Sorry to double)

    Open to anyone to use
    You are safe from enemy ships, as long as this is not used to transport enemy troops into enemy space.

    100 Credits Per Stop, Per 10 Units (such as 10 infentry, or 10 vehicles, and so on)

    Alari Kae'la wrote:Have you asked faction heads if you can go to there planets?

    Layara wrote:"They have not. The Sith disapprove, you do realize without requesting and being granted authorization to land on ANY one of our planets, you will be killed."

    Darth Taral wrote:"No," Taral said. "Oracle, I shall let it be, but if anything strange happens, you have permission to shoot them down," Darth Taral said against Oracle.

    aang2001 wrote:Yes me and willice have thought about that and we will ask permission to incorperate your planets into our ferry routes if you do not want known enemys landing on the planet we will get multiple ships ad some of wihch will not land on the planets owned by you.those that do will not let enemys of the faction that the planet is owned by

    Willice Evans wrote:This is mainly for independants, there will be an independant ferry for each factin that goes only to there planets.

    This ferry, the one that will be in operation will not allow heavly armed troops, it will be fore moving small units and parts, it will also be used to transport trade items and what not.

    Such as if you trade over the holonet, or want to trade with someone, the network will allow you to move yourself and the object, During times of war, or if i am "Suspecting" a preemptive strike, i will not allow certain items on a ship.

    This is to make it easy for everyone, and if it is shot down, so be it...........but there will be a chart of 50% the ships worth if you destroy the ship, 25% if its damaged.

    William Stryker wrote:(Sorry but)

    "I donate 1,500 credits to the Ferry system."William said interupting the conversation.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:you don't play the game anymore

    William Stryker wrote:Why?

    Marro Dayre wrote:He plays the game, he hasn't been banned and an admin hasn't said he can't, so if he has 1500 credits to give, he can give 'em

    William Stryker wrote:And I do have the credits, I still haven't given any or used any from my starting ones.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:she told me, she didn't play anymore, on another site.

    William Stryker wrote:I actually said that I most likey may not play it anymore, that doesn't imply that I won't.

    Marro Dayre wrote:well, hasn't said it here and as long as you're registered, you can pop on whenever you like and do whatever

    Alari Kae'la wrote:well if your playing, your still a Jedi remember

    William Stryker wrote:Well, I know that already. Very Happy

    Willice Evans wrote:Well, i have begun construction on the first ferry........it has no weapons or shields.......though once i find a pilot that is actually a player, i may get a ferry that has minor weapons so it can defend itself.

    The rout will start on Tatooine when the ship compleats construction.
    (The Ferry's will inter change between routs, so the number for the ferry willbe the same, but if one gets damaged or i need another ferry to take up that rout, the ship type may be difforent)

    This is the Ship Roster (I will update this post periodically for this)

    Rout: Rout 1
    Ferry: 1
    Ship: Bulk Freightor 1
    Starting Location: Tatooine
    Ending Location: Tatooine
    Home Port: Tatooine

    William Stryker wrote:well, happy I could help will.

    Willice Evans wrote:thanks, that 1,500 really helped.

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