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    Submit a Report

    Post by Darkwing on Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:19 pm

    All players can fill out a GNC news report on the happenings on the galaxy. However, there are some rules to be followed and a form that has to be filled out for a post to be accepted.

    If you are interviewing another player of the game, it must be something they have said in game or in a PM. If I get a user PMing me stating that a quote was used from them that they did not actually say, than the user who made the report will be prohibited from making further GNC posts.

    Things can be written from the perspective and opinion of the player, therefore, players may have differing views on the different ideologies of factions and players. This is not to be taken in offense, the player is allowed their opinion. However, if it becomes apparent that the person posting is violating the forum rules be slandering another player or faction with intent to flame or is interpreted as such, then forum guidelines will take effect.

    It is important that people submitting GNC posts use proper spelling and grammar. If you cannot take the time to spell check, then your post will be removed. Also, to keep the posts professional and clean, all GNC posts MUST be a minimum of 200 words (that is roughly the size of this post to this point).

    All that being said, every post must use this form, again, failure to comply results in the post's removal:

    Title of Topic: Name of the Post
    Description: Character Name

    Representing: Either player or faction name. (Due note, if representing faction, post will only be considered "official" if it is by the faction leader)

    -Name of Writer
    -Position/Title (If applicable)

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