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    Taral to Oracle


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:36 pm

    Darth Taral wrote:Taral, having memorized Oracle's communicator address in her old body, sent a message to her: "My body was moved and was being taken away, so I've used the Force to make the communicator fall onto Abregado-Rae. I need you to use my memory and get it," Taral said fast, as she sent mental images to Oracle. "Please, do this fast. I need that communicator."

    Nuchiha wrote:( Voided, there was never a hole, you just don't want your body taken. Why would the Empire make a mistake on a ship that would cost so much money and used so much technology? Sure, they did so on the first Death Star but they had countermeasures, and my ship had shields so it wouldn't go through the shields. And my ship was made after the second Death Star so I'm sure they would've been extra careful with any future projects )

    Darth Taral wrote:I put a hole in it. I could have opened a shaft. Either way, I could have gotten it out... No biggy.

    Nuchiha wrote:( Dude, it's a huge ass biggy. You just don't want the Empire to get anything, plus there are SHIELDS, how would your body go through a extremely experimental shield? It wouldn't, and there are no holes, how could you make a hole? That's uber, next thing when someone is in space you'll say ' I open a hole, you all die mwuahahaha ', no, too uber. I'm kind of a unofficial moderator, I don't have any power though. Plus, your at Kuat, how can you make a hole a couple SECTORS away? And don't say you found the ship before me, it was secret, how would you find a super secret object? Will you find like a hidden Death Star IV next? )

    Darth Taral wrote:Dude, read the fucking post. No body went through any hole. A stupid communicator went through the hole. The little holocron is AT YOUR FOOT. You are no mod, btw. I won't accept that, for you're being such a hard-to-get person today. I really am not liking how you never read everything. Now stop posting in my topic, it's for me and Oracle.

    Nuchiha wrote:( No Taral, how would the communicator fall out? You said it fell out of a hole, no such hole would exist, and if it did it wouldn't go through the shields )

    Darth Taral wrote:STOP POSTING HERE.

    Nuchiha wrote:( Dude, no, you always want to get your way, nope, not happening... )

    Marro Dayre wrote:calm down children. i'll decide what's final

    Layara wrote:"Darth Taral, we have initiated attack on the Jedi Blockade over Armegrado Rae (Spare me the corrections). We have scanned the entire planet and our surviving medical team on the planet have done so as well, there is definitely no sign of your Communicator. In the meantime, I have been proclaimed the Grand Dark Lady of the Sith. May I have your authorization to pursue in this office? This will make it more realistic and in the meantime you can perform well you know...the plan."

    Alari Kae'la wrote:it's a bit hard to be the Sith leader if i killed you.

    Layara wrote:You didn't kill me, check the rp again. We don't just have "5" ships. And I am sure enough that ejection seats are possible Razz

    Marro Dayre wrote:Ok, now I'm all caught up. Nuchiha, you hve to tone your character waaaaay down. You are most definitely ubering. The big beef I have with the communicator is that it would've burnt up in the atmosphere, so let's use the force shall we? You can't send detailed messages, but force sensitives can use the force to communicate in a primitive manner.

    As for other specifics, PMs have been sent to the appropriate people. I'm not having a public demonstration here on some trivial matters.

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