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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:39 pm

    Layara wrote:The Dark Herald of the Sith went on all channels of the Universe, thankful that the communicational range went that far.

    "Attention everyone, with the loss of Darth Taral we see that we need a new leader and this leader is henceforth Darth Oracle. She is currently in a waging battle with the Jedi but she will be able to speak later on. Darth Taral hereby has no means in the books of the Sith and is to be forgotten. All Hail Oracle!"

    The Herald got off the com being very mischevious, knowing he was not suppose to say such. He went too far this time trying to get Oracle in trouble with Taral.

    Darth Taral wrote:(No, I'm the leader.)

    The highest authority in the whole Sith, other than Taral, had countered this message with: "This is Supreme Commander Tarn. Listen to this. If Taral wasn't back, her sister would take command. So, now, all are to step down and ignore the heathen, Oracle. All hail the reborn Taral!" At that, planets all over began to converse about Taral. They believed Tarn, and rejected Oracle.

    Layara wrote:(I know but it is possible for a conspiracy)

    Still the Coruscant Fleet believed in Oracle, a conspiracy was at midst.

    Nuchiha wrote:( Taral, no one would believe you, and you can't play as family, you have to make a entire new character for that and provide a reason. You never said you had a sister, now your making up non - existent people )

    " Taral is dead, " Nuchiha said, defying the real Taral, as he showed a picture of her dead body on the HoloNet with the title ' The Sith Lord is dead... '.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:[insert sert dramatic music here.]

    I Will support Oracles Movement as long as she doesn't do a bit genocide here and there.

    Darth Taral wrote:(Nuchiha, I made up nothing. Check the enrollment section for Sith. Btw, Marro let me do it. Anyways, it's been explained that I've been reborn. And why would my people believe some random person who works for someone other than the Sith? lol)

    Nuchiha wrote:( It's a body, everyone believed the Emperor was dead when some random guy named Luke said so and like the entire galaxy believed him. And I doubt Marro authorized this... )

    Layara wrote:(OOC: You are all right, no one knew except the superiors of the Sith that Taral changed bodies and besides, they could have EASILY changed their beliefs. The One Sith's leadership is based on their strength. Well oh look someone killed the Great Sith Lord which would equal a loss of support and as Oracle remains alive she would be the only one she can look to. Oracle is more powerful than the Commanders and your sister has no meaning.)

    Darth Taral wrote:(Oracle, look, I let myself die. No one killed me, the air drained. Nuchiha cheated, and I could've killed him easily. I wanted to play in another body and make the game interesting. You're ruining that by trying to become what I so wanted to be. Please, let me be the leader of the Sith, for you're already the leader of the Sith on the other Df... I really want this.)

    Nuchiha wrote:( I didn't cheat, Marro authorized it, even if I didn't do what I did, you would've still lost. My armor is Cortosis, lightsaber would be useless. And Taral, in the Sith, whoever killed you becomes the new leader or whoever claims so first. No one would know you changed bodies... Stop whining, you can't get everything...

    There's nothing in here that talks about a sister...

    Darth Taral wrote:Name: Telara Felusiun (only known to few high-ranking jedi)
    Alias: Darth Taral
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Home Planet: Alderaan
    Starting Planet: Korriban
    Bio: A rather mean child, growing up on Alderaan was easy for this naughty rich kid. She was a bully to all kids, but at the age of 7, she was taken for jedi training for help on changing this child's ways. Becoming a great jedi because of becoming a master at the age of 22, she was given an Electrum hilt, with a yellow blade. But, the whole time, Telara was faking to be a great jedi, and was masking her dark side energy. Upon betrayal, she killed her closest friends in the jedi order and fled to Korriban, where she became a Sith. While climbing the ranks, she became very close to the current Dark Lord, and became apprentice. During a training session about striking all those in her way, she struck down her master and became the master. That was at age 29. She now is the master, and has a force level of 10. She has ruled over the sith with an Iron first of evil, and will not tolerate any slip-up of any kind.
    Why Join: To play as a sith for one time in my life.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:well oracles dead now

    Darth Taral wrote:Okay, Nuchiha, please stop. And yes, there is a topic later on... And please, I want to make amends with you, not bicker. I want our friendship. I don't care if I would've lost to you or not. I'm not whining, and I know I don't get everything.

    Nuchiha wrote:( The Sith believe in power, whoever kills the leader, then claims leadership gets it )

    " I, Nuchiha Saiya Revan, claim leadership of the Sith, I have killed Taral, " Nuchiha said, showing a dead body of Taral. " I wish, to make peace with the Jedi, and I order the merge of the Sith into the Empire " Nuchiha said,

    Layara wrote:(OOC: Huh, you are sort of right. Alari, I'm not dead by the way look at my post in the rp battle section. Nuch, we may not all follow you Razz)

    "Dark Lady, we have received word of whom killed Darth Taral."

    "Put him through."

    "Channel opened."

    "Nuchiha Saiya Revan, I am Darth Oracle, Supreme Dark Lady of the Sith. I see you took the honourable task of killing Darth Taral, you will be rewarded for such actions and will be known as a fearless and great warrior. I am the top leadership of Sith currently and if I serve as one of the supreme leader of the empire, I can guarantee their trust and faith in you."

    Nuchiha wrote:" When I get to Ta'u, and when he replies to my message, I can nearly gaurantee you a position as a High Moff or a equivalen title making you 5th in command under the Emperor, Empress, their children, and their apprentices... " Nuchiha said,

    Alari Kae'la wrote:it would help if she were alive.

    Layara wrote:(OOC: Stop posting here, Alari!!!)

    Suddenly, transmission ended. It was the massive fire power, the ship had just exploded.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:No your continuing to RP even thou your dead. (when i killed you dead not your suicide)

    Nuchiha wrote:" How unfortunate " Nuchiha said, as he saw her ship explode in the atmosphere... " I, am the new leader of the Sith, I have killed Oracle and Taral, bow down before my might, or die slowly... " Nuchiha said

    Darth Taral wrote:Darth Taral then made a global transmission, to all: "This is Darth Taral herself. Do not listen to this pathetic weakling, for I had died because of lack of oxygen. He had cheated his survival, and he had not defeated Oracle, the traitor, for she was in a battle with the jedi, not this strange man. He lies and is not to be trusted. And another note; I have all the power. Any that defy me shall die." Then, all people either followed Taral either out of fear or belief of what she said.

    (Nuchiha, seriously, I want to be friends again.)

    Layara wrote:NO, when you attack a ship, you don't just get IMMEDIATELY destroyed in star wars and this is cannon I believe. It is stupid to get destroyed right away
    You will first have explosions but communications will still be active.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:This game is more stats than Roleplay.

    Marro Dayre wrote:no, it is an equal balance. In fact you'll probably RP more than do the stats stuff.

    Nuchiha wrote:( Taral, no one would believe you, plus you would be weaker, when you take someone's body they must be weaker... Who would believe you? )

    Marro Dayre wrote:Doesn't matter, the only thing that would matter would be legit players, not fictitious characters/supporters. It makes for good RP sometimes, but still doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things

    Darth Taral wrote:Wait, so who's leader?

    Marro Dayre wrote:Taral is

    Nuchiha wrote:Wait, I showed a dead body, so the Sith would believe some random person claiming so with no evidence what so ever? I can kind of agree with you for I see logic, Taral is the new leader then

    Marro Dayre wrote:For one you're not sith. Two you don't have the Force and three because I say so

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