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    Alari to Reborn Taral


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:40 pm

    Alari Kae'la wrote:" I want to purpose a Truce, there is no need for this fighting. "

    Darth Taral wrote:"And believe that do I," Taral replied, surprised by the message. "I never meant for hostilities to develope, and keep in mind that Oracle acted on her own. I, Darth Taral, Dark lady of the Sith, accept this truce."

    Darth Taral wrote:???

    Alari Kae'la wrote:[Insert a normal Jedi response]

    Darth Taral wrote:"Alari," said a message from Taral. "I need you to investigate and study the rapidly-spreading virus on your planets. I'll be doing the same, and I'll contact Ta'u. We need to figure this out." With that, the message ended.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:" I will look into it," She said and ended the transmission, She coughed and then walked away.

    Darth Taral wrote:(Why did you cough? Are you going to die too?)

    Alari Kae'la wrote:(what can't a girl cough... you being sexist?)

    Darth Taral wrote:(I'm a girl on here too, lol, anyways, join chat)

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