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    Evan and Aang Services


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:43 pm

    Willice Evans wrote:(Note: This is not a faction it is a buisness)

    (And i am 95% shure that Aang is gonna help me with it...if not i will just change the name)

    We do almost anything, we will mine, we will transport your troops, we will loan you credits, we will even help you establish in inferstructure in your Faction.

    Services Provided:


    -Ship Repair Service
    --100 Credits for Starfighters
    --500 Credits for Transports
    --1,000 Credits for Capital Ships

    -Troop Transport Services
    --10 Credits Per Squad, Per Day in transport
    --25 Credits Per Light Vehicle Per Day
    --50 Credits Per Heavy Vehicle Per Day
    --100 Credits Per Transport/Fighter Per Day

    -Mining Services
    --Light Mine (200 Credit Charge for us to build it)
    --Mining Facility (850 Credit Charge for us to build it)
    --Advanced Mine (1,350 Credit Charge for us to build it)

    -Personal Guard
    --Minor Event (100 Credits Per Day)
    --Medium Event (200 Credits Per Day)
    --Major Event (300 Credits Per Day)
    --Treaty Signing (400 Credits Per Day)

    -Bounty Hunting
    --Varies Depending on Reward

    -Ship Construction
    --Starfighter (100 Credits + Cost of Ship)
    --Transport (200 Credits + Cost of Ship)
    --Capital Ship (300 Credits + Cost of Ship)
    --Custom Ships (400 Credits + Cost of Ship) (If there are custom ships in the game)

    --Small Loan 0-1,000 Credits (25 Credit Service Charge for each day you dont pay us back)
    --Medium Loan 1,001-5,000 Credits (50 Credit Service Charge for days you dont pay us back)
    --Large Loan 5,001+ Credits (100 Credit Service Charge for every day you dont pay us)

    -Prisoner Holding and Transporting
    --Minor Crime (100 Credits Per Day)
    --Medium Crime (200 Credits Per Day)
    --Major Crime (300 Credits Per Day)
    --Massive Crime (400 Credits Per Day)

    --Varies Depending on Item

    --Varies Depending on Job

    (Services Provided will update periodically)

    We will do almost any job, and i assure you, we will do it right.

    If Custom Ships are added to the game we will design a line of Custom Ships.

    Marro Dayre wrote:This is a great idea, it's kinda what I was hoping people were gonna do the first time the game was active

    Willice Evans wrote:I figured independant people have no source of income, i will eventually sell out parts of the company and focus on Mining, and Ship Construction, i was gonna do this last game, but then it ended......lol...

    But i will need to see how it goes, i am hoping to open a franchise, and eventually take an uninhabited planet and get income from that so i can make more items to sell. if youadd custom vehicles and custom weapons, i could really make a nice buisness.

    Marro Dayre wrote:well, it's time for us to upgrade to Level 3 for tech items, so I'll see about starting to implement custom items

    Willice Evans wrote:Thanks...

    This company is gonna focus more on making custom items and stuff...........

    Its gonna be a factory franchise......lol...........

    Its probibly gonna cost more to run than i'm gonna make.......lol.

    aang2001 wrote:i shall join willice now it is both our companies but i am still a bounty hunter

    Willice Evans wrote:Ok, Aang, the company is 50% yours, and 50% Mine, as prior agreed to.

    aang2001 wrote:ok we both get half the company then e both get half of the profits of jobs and such

    Willice Evans wrote:Well, no, its a partnership, the money is OURS, not just mine or yours, we share it.......and we share the company, and if the company fails or somethng we will split it........later once custom items have been implimented, i am gonna sell off parts of the company and just do custom items....at wich point you could make your own company or stay.............

    I reccomend making your own company.

    aang2001 wrote:i do not think yu shopuld sell off parts of the company keep it as a big company then we shall be able to do anything

    bottom line

    please keep the company together

    Willice Evans wrote:I dont want to become an enemy of any faction though.

    If we offer to much factions will start to think we favor other factions.

    Company Roster

    Owners: 50% Willice Evans, 50% Aang 2001
    Production Manager: Aang 2001
    Tresury Manager: Willice Evans
    Item Desing: Willice Evans
    Geniral Employee: None

    aang2001 wrote:
    Willice Evans wrote:I dont want to become an enemy of any faction though.

    If we offer to much factions will start to think we favor other factions.

    Company Roster

    Owners: 50% Willice Evans, 50% Aang 2001
    Production Manager: Aang 2001
    Tresury Manager: Willice Evans
    Item Desing: Willice Evans
    Geniral Employee: None

    if that is it we do not help anyone if anyone is offended by us we will defend ourselves by any means necessary that would be a good idea

    bottom line again

    how bout we do nothelp ay faction at all

    Willice Evans wrote:Well, right now we offer guard services..................

    And if we destroy an enemy fleet...............

    aang2001 wrote:i know i know they will attack us why don't we just defend our selves and deal with problems when they arise

    Willice Evans wrote:ok, when a fleet of 20 ships lands on our doorstep..........and we only have 4 ships, were are we gonna go.

    aang2001 wrote:well then we pack up shop and run to mexico

    Willice Evans wrote:That is so desterbing on so many levels.............

    That is not even funny, what happens if someone from this forum is mexican

    William Stryker wrote:Um, why not just call a mmutual pact and swear an oath that you are not in any favor and are just trying to make a living?

    Or about the 20 ships just say look we're outta weapons or something.

    Willice Evans wrote:That would be like America before Pearl Harbor.

    William Stryker wrote:Is that bad?

    Willice Evans wrote:in 1942 Pearl Harbor was bombed b over 200 Japinese Plains........it was a surprise attack and we last our entire Pacific Fleet.....yes its very bad.

    aang2001 wrote:yep

    oh willice search mike franks ncis tv show he ran off to mexico when he lost his son and was a fugitive

    William Stryker wrote:Ok, just make shore you don't get blown up or I won't be able to buy anything of you.

    aang2001 wrote:ok what do you meen by buy stuff from me

    William Stryker wrote:Well, you own a market do you not?

    aang2001 wrote:what market did ep tell you that

    William Stryker wrote:Umm, well considering that you own one yes, And no EP didn't.

    Darth Taral wrote:"Attention all employees of this business, you are to quit your job and go leave the business immediately. All staff of the business are to do the same. The owners of this production corporation is to shut down immediately. This is stated in the Closure Doctrine 12/ port 23434/file 8. If you do not comply, Sith officials shall come to your demise." The transmitter of the message was the Sith governor of Kuat.

    Willice Evans wrote:What the hell, you cant do this, i am a Jedi Citisen, i am Regestered in the Tattoine Jedi Citisen Logs, i amy be independant, but i live in on a jedi planet, if you come near Tatooin your gonna be sorry..........lol

    Darth Taral wrote:"Then you shall die for your insolence," replied the governor of Kuat. He could care less if Willice's company was on a Jedi planet, he wanted them to not sell to anyone. "UNLESS, you sell to and only to us."

    Willice Evans wrote:Also you have no jurastriction over me, and why the hell would you want to close my buisness, i am not gonna halp any factions..........its not like i am gonna give protection, i am gonna sell that part of the buisness anyway.............In Fact if this means anything, i made members leave the jedi wich makes your job a hell of alot easyer, kill me and you will loose out...........

    Also i am not gonna protect anyone or Guard them in a war, i only provide my services for peave time events, and Treaty Signings

    There is not a whole lot you can do.

    (And you'll probibly piss of one of the admins as they wanted people to do this, not in an offensive way to any of the admins btw)

    Willice Evans wrote:(DUDE, THAT WAS ALL OOC...................)

    "We will sell to whoever we want to sell to, and you'll end up pissing other people off...........by the way, FUCK OFF" Willice said as he muted the transmission..........he waited a few seconds

    "Sir they are hailing us" said one of the troops at the companies HQ

    I walked around, appritiated the wall art.........and all...............

    "Sir" said the Trooper

    I sat in my chair

    "Answer Them" Willice said

    "Oh and another thing, if you come near me we wont sell to you at all, if you pay us enough we wont sell to them, oh and by the wayif you dont pay us, we wont ofer our services to you" Willice said

    "Mute untill they respond" Willice said

    "Muted" said the trooper

    "You liked that diddnt you" said my second in command at the HQ

    "Shure as hell" Willice said

    Darth Taral wrote:"Ha, weaklings think they can smart off and not pay," said the governor, thinking nothing of what Willice said. "Those idiots shall suffer a slow death for that."

    Willice Evans wrote:OOC: Dude, like i said, you could pay me, like it says your suppost to and i reconsiter, i will sell only to you..........

    (But there is no way for you to know if i sell to the jedi, and i cant sell you stuff, if i dont have any money, so what if i sell shit ships to the jedi and Empire)

    Alari Kae'la wrote:"Blah blah, Some Jedi ships will blah blah, coming to protect you blah blah " A very bored Jedi said over the Comms

    Willice Evans wrote:No its fine now, we made an agreement, he wont attack me as long as i sell to him for a "Low" cost.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:(your on Tantioonie [sp?] which is my planet i can protect it if i want. or i could just shut you down.)

    Willice Evans wrote:You technically cant shut me down as alo i have to do is move to a Sith or Empire Planet......i'd be happy to pay high taxes in stead of be shut down.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:I could send some ship and blockade you but I'm to lazy to send ships there, cause you'll just leave.

    aang2001 wrote:yeah we will leave and go some where else

    aang2001 wrote:oh and another thing i might quit

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