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    Character Template


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    Character Template

    Post by Darkwing on Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:13 am

    The following is the template that must be used for creating a character. Where this RP focuses on story, it is required to have a well developed character for the best possible interaction with the story. Simply copy the code in the code box and then create a new post in the Character Creation section, paste the code and fill it in. Areas marked Required are indeed needed for your character to be approved by an admin. Of course certain exceptions will occasionally be made for characters requiring secrecy, however they must be fully discussed with an admin before hand.

    Name: Required
    Age: Required
    Gender: Required
    Affiliation: Required (must be an in game affiliation)

    Physical Description: Recommended
    Character Traits: Recommended (Include primary skills, abilities etc)
    Mannerisms: Recommended (Shy, bold, introvert, extrovert etc)
    Biography: Required (minimum 250 words)
    [table border="0"][tr][td][img]Insert URL Here[/img]

    [/td][/tr][tr][td]Physical Description:
    Character Traits:


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