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    Technology Registration


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    Technology Registration Empty Technology Registration

    Post by Darkwing on Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:38 am

    The following is the registration form for new technology. Simple technology such as things like hammers are not required to be registered, this is more for actual gameplay items like ships and weapons.

    Class List:
    • Item
    • Weapon
    • Vehicle
    • Ship
    • Tool

    Name: Required
    Class: Required (Choose from list)

    Strength: If Apllicable (Essentially if it's a weapon, how strong is it?)
    HP: Required (Most things are 100 HP, but if stronger or weaker, please specify numerically)
    Damage: Required (How much damage can it take before being destroyed?)
    Abilities: Required (What are the abilities of the item. Are they a tool, weapon, speed etc)

    Description: Required

    [table border="0"][tr][td][img]Image URL[/img]




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