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    Episode 1: The Force Summons


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:10 pm

    Marro Dayre wrote:...Legend tells of the ancient Jedi, complete and in balance with the force, with such purity that the force gave the Jedi nearly unlimited power and wisdom. The Ancient Ones fought no wars, had no enemies and kept the galaxy in perfect balance.

    Things changed though, as the Jedi became too powerful that it ultimately almost destroyed them and split them. Those seeking true power through the force became corrupt and greedy. Exiled into the farthest reaches of the galaxy, the force became nothing like it used to. As much time went by, The Republic was formed with the Jedi at the head. But the Sith returned and the Mandalorian wars were fought.

    Several hundred years later, these wars are almost all but forgotten...until now...

    It was a surprisingly quiet day. Word had gotten around that the Jedi had officially declared war on the Sith, but no attacks had occurred today. Suddenly, the communications panels crackled to life.

    "...mayday.....ship has been damaged.....need help.....Jedi...."

    This message has been received by the Jedi, One Sith and Empire. Signal has been tracked to be originating from Bastion. Investigate.

    Marro Dayre wrote:The citizens of Abregado'Rae were enjoying a quiet day. Though owned by the Jedi, the Jedi influence wasn't strong on this planet and Abregado'Rae remained fairly untouched by the war and conflicts of the galaxy. It like the other Jedi planets had received the mysterious signal from the ship over Bastion, but the Jedi hadn't concerned themselves with it.

    However, things were soon to change. The ground began to shake and glass shattered. The shaking got worse as the ground began to split. Everyone began running, taking shelter from the massive earth quake. A mountain the distance began to collapse into the earth. Finally, the earthquake stopped. Everyone got out from their shelters, cautiously. Suddenly, from where the mountain used to be, a massive pulse wave of energy emanated, sending the people flying backwards.

    All Sith and Jedi feel a disturbance in the force, coming from Abregado'Rae. This disturbance is increasing, causing those force sensitive to be drawn to the planet.

    Marro Dayre wrote:Nal'Hutta was a fairly lonely planet, usually overlooked by most people. This however was perfect for the planet to have numerous secret facilities built underground. Commissioned to research into genetics mostly, Dr Marro Dayre was a lonely and reclusive fellow. His days were routine and nothing ever happened. Naturally Dayre was always looking into genetically modifying humans as it seemed to be of an interest to the Emperor.

    Dayre was doing his rounds before going home for the evening when an alarm started blaring. Dayre ran to the nearest computer terminal. Punching in his security code Dayre began running through the data. His face turned into one of concern, immediately punching in a special code. Massive bulkhead doors came slamming down and Dayre opened up a communications channel.

    "This is Marro Dayre! Ta'u, we have a serious problem! A contagion has managed to breach the facility here, the planet has to be quarantined! I don't know much yet, but this is a very old virus from what I can tell and extremely deadly. Death is imminent and there is no cure! I have to do more research, but if any of your ships have been to Nal Hutt recently, you have to quarantine them! Dayre out!"

    Empire: Quarantine all ships and/or people that have been in contact with Nal'Hutta until further information is gathered.

    Marro Dayre wrote:Both the Jedi and Sith's focus was at Abregado'Rae, when Oracle received a transmission

    "Oracle, we have not been able to get a hold of Taral....we need assistance! People have begun dying, rapidly! We have no idea what this is but it's killing people, a lot of people!"

    Sith: Go to Korriban

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