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    Moment of Desperacy


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    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:47 pm

    Darth Taral wrote:"B-5537-A," was a message sent to the highest commanding officers of the Sith. As High Commander Tarn received the message, who was sitting in his seat at the Eco Base on Kuat, he jumped in surprise, looked down at the communicator, and thought hard. He had leaned back and put his hands on the mechanical equipment before him, and looked down, utterly terrified. His sweat fell from his chin and onto the equipment, causing a small discharge in that spot. He looked up, spun around and faced all the men behind him, in attention.

    "Command, ten hut!" he yelled.

    All the officers and technological scientist behind him went into attention. The highest ranking official besides Tarn said out loud, "Sir, what's your command?"

    "At ease, men," Tarn said forcefully. They all went into parade standing position.

    "I come before you today, men, because I have grave news on Taral, the Dark Lady of the Sith." Tarn paused, and took in a deep breath, and continued: "Dark Lady of the Sith, Darth Taral, our leader in this life, has died.

    As Tarn finished his sentence, he looked down, ashamed that he had let Taral enter the temple in which she wanted to go to so badly. After all, it was his job to ensure the safety of the Sith, meaning he had to protect the Dark Lady at all cost, even if it means putting that person in maximum security lock down. Tarn heard the people before him gasp, and breath heavily in some cases. He looked up to see many people gaping, surprised at what they had to just intake. Many were heaving heavily, and most were sweating, afraid what was to befall the Sith. "Listen to this, men; the code I had received was from Taral herself, but she had taken a new body, a body in which we cannot identify, for that code meant that it would be a person in which has no Sith papers, and is a secret operative in the Sith, known only by Taral herself. So, men, we must communicate with all Sith planets, telling them to capture any citizens that are acting strange, or are in our space illegally, so that they can be deported to here so we can question them. Until then, I wish us the best of luck."

    It was noticed by Tarn that many people sighed out, exasperated and relieved that Taral was still with them. They were very scared of what was to happen because without their leader, they would have anarchy and splits in power, and they would have been overcome by the Jedi or Empire.

    Darth Taral wrote:But, only an hour later, a strange, hooded person in dark cloak had come through the gray elevator in the back of the command building, and used the Force to close the elevator behind them. No arms hanging out of their cloak, the person's head was bowed down. She was facing the direction of High Commander Tarn, who was now out of his seat and in attention, staring at the strange person.

    As he gave the order to seize them, the person had Force pushed the two people that surrounded them back in the direction they came, and they both slammed into reinforced windows, crushing the base of their spines, as they slid down it back onto the floor, dead. "It is I, Taral," she said, dramatically. She moved her hands out of their sleeves, and in a slow movement, she grabbed the hood of the cloak by the front and pulled it off her head.

    As everyone brought their attention to her face, it seemed that Taral had deformed the original owner of the body: Once a beautiful woman, Taral's Dark Apprentice had been deformed through the Dark Side. Her nose had flattened, and ancient Sith markings had appeared on her face. Her eyes turned forever into an evil yellow, and her hair was wicked and white. She had a rather ugly appearance, but no one dare say that, unless they had a death wish.

    As her hood came off, the lights in the room dimmed and began to shake, and the room had a small tremor. As everyone but Taral had struggled to gain balance as the tower began to shake, while Taral stood there, still and not startled. As no one was scathed by anything, all the people in the room slowly went into a standing position from their crouch under desk and such, and began to clap in respect to Taral, the newly reborn Dark Lady of the Empire. They all hailed her for her dark power and dramatic entrance. But Taral did not smile. She just grinned at her High Commander, Tarn.

    "Tarn, disengage your command of the detainment of those people. Now." Taral sounded serious and demanding. At the potential threat of death, or that's how Tarn took it, he did as ordered and had all people in the room continue their duties and send transmissions and such. "Darth Taral, I am glad to see that you have arrived in your new form. In your hour-long absence, nothing major had happened, and the conflict on Abregado-Rae is still underway. What is your command, ma'am?" Tarn had been in attention, and now sounded serious and appropriate for the situation. Taral retorted: "Have Darth Oracle bring her fleet back to Coruscant; I am done with Abregado-Rae. I'll leave the mysteries of that dreaded temple to the others out in the Galaxy."

    Taral paused, and continued with another topic. "Have Oracle land on Abregado, and hide out on the planet until she can get in the temple and get to my body. I want her to find a Holocron in the secret container in the communicator of my ear, and bring it to me. It has valuable information on a... map... I came across," Taral said mysteriously. "Contact her now," Taral said. And it was done.

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