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    Disturbane in the Force


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    Disturbane in the Force

    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:51 pm

    Layara wrote:(OOC: Can I join in this rp?)

    Darth Taral wrote:(OOC: I guess. Bring your fleet, if you want.)

    Layara wrote:(OOC: I don't know all of the ships in my fleet though)

    Darth Taral wrote:OOC: Go to faction sections, sith, and our fleets. It'll say our fleet count under Coruscant.

    Layara wrote:Darth Oracle was standing upon the bridge of the Flag Ship of the Fleet of Coruscant. She had left other ships behind at Coruscant for its defense. (What planet are we at and what is the rp about, agian?) Oracle hailed Darth Taral.

    "My Lord, I have arrived. What shall I do?"

    Darth Taral wrote:OOC: It's Abregado-Rae, and you have to do that in the travel section. lol

    And there's an enemy fleet there. The RP is about how all Force-sensitives were drawn to this planet due to some kind of disturbance. I'm at a temple that uncovered after a massive tremor, and a virus has spread from the temple in which Force-sensitives, in my opinion, are immune to.

    Marro Dayre wrote:OOC: You're a clever little fellow Wink

    As Taral watched the holograph, another wall moved back, opening up a new corridor.

    Darth Taral wrote:"This place is full of surprises," Taral whispered. I don't like surprises, she thought. She turned to her left, only to see another wall pulling up, after a series of locks indented on the wall and unlocked. "Strange temple this is." After the wall pulled up, she walked into the hallway.

    Marro Dayre wrote:The hallway was dimly lit, again by the unknown power source. The side walls were completely dark though. Taral, curious, moved towards one of the walls. Suddenly, the wall lit up, revealing a row of containment pods. Some were empty and others had very old remains of some sort of human

    Darth Taral wrote:"Hmm... I'll need a medical team down here." At that, Taral contacted Oracle saying: "When you arrive, land and bring a medical team."

    Marro Dayre wrote:As Taral kept moving down the corridor, she came across one pod that had a human still alive, in stasis, but still alive.

    Darth Taral wrote:Taral was very confused, and disgusted by the mere presence of an underling. And, he was naked. Curled in a ball, the person covered all it's vitals, and some parts that need not be described. As Taral stared at it, no emotion showing on the face, she lifted her right hand up and laid it against the protective glass bonding him in the chamber. She neared the glass with her face, and as she neared the glass, nearly even kissing it, t moved, suddenly. It started to struggle, even try to scream, in the tube. As it widly flung its arms, its eyes wider than a crack head's when he is zapped by a tazer, in the tube came a sudden burst of a white gas, calming it down, or even putting it to sleep. As the person struggled back to sleep, curling in a ball again, Taral noticed that he was in a liquid. That whole time, however, Taral remained in the same position, against the glass. "Very strange indeed," Taral whispered.

    Layara wrote:(OOC: To save us the cost of waiting for me, I'll just make my first starting post.)

    Oracle's fleet immediately pushed out of Hyperspace. She received a communication, whilst in hyperspace it was strange, but her Flag Ship could not transmit communication frequencies. Oracle listened to the audio hologram. A medical team was transported to the planet which was abbreviated as Rae by Oracle, this transportation was done by the Shuttle her Bothan Cruiser obtained. As the shuttle landed, they immediately tracked down the beacon from Darth Taral.

    Back on the Cruiser, Oracle opened a holographic communication with Darth Taral.

    "Darth Taral, the medical team has be sent to the planet and are trying the beacon. What are your further orders? Also, do you have any fleets or ships here?"

    Alari Kae'la wrote:(OOC: Whoa what are you doing, your ships aren't at ' Rea ', plus I have blockaded the planet.

    Layara wrote:(OOC: Hey, Altara..nice to see you again....and yes they now are. So you can't say jack about anything, now. Regardless, you should post all this..)

    Marro Dayre wrote:Suddenly a computer became active and a light inside the container came on, illuminating the character in a blue-ish hue. Suddenly, the figure moved and the liquid began to drain.

    Darth Taral wrote:"Oracle, orders are to negotiate with Alari a plan to let me and my ship go, and to tell them that we've done nothing to them, as we have. And make that team hurry, this place is strange. And please, tell them to distribute to themselves air-lock space suits." At the end of the message, the person in the tubular thing floated there in rest, when a computer turned to life and light shone in the tube. The water started to drain, and Altara just watched intently.

    Layara wrote:"Understood, Master."


    "Inform the medical team to equip themselves with air-lock space suits immediately. It should already be placed in their shuttle. Open a transmission with the Jedi Alari's vessel."

    "Aye, Sir. Channel opened and I am sending the medical team a message right now."

    "Attention Jedi Alari, I am Darth Oracle, a Sith Master. I would like your explanation as to why you have Darth Taral and his ship. The Sith have done nothing to harm you and as you uphold peace and liberty, you will understand freedom is essential in this case. I know the Jedi Ways so you cannot fool me. Now in your heart, do what is right. This may be the first time you have heard a Sith speak like this, everyone thinks we are wild all the time but it is not true. I leave the decision to you."

    Darth Taral wrote:(I am no guy, lol)

    Darth Taral wrote:In the distance, the Harrow-class Star Destroyer Royal had been slowly approaching the planet's side, as if there were no pilot. As it came closer to the planet, it hit a couple buildings, and began skidding on the ground, wreaking havoc on the cities below. It began to go at excessive speeds, and eventually was sliding through the whole city that was once below it. In mere minutes, the ship's side was ravaged from all the buildings having been crushed below it, and the city was in ruins. Taral, however, had no idea what was going on, as she was in the temple in the center of the mountain, studying what was going on.

    (Someone should contact me on what happened)

    Alari Kae'la wrote:" Master Sith, Dark lord, what ever you desire to be called, You are here illegally, 1st 'master' Tarsal, lands her troops on a Jedi planet, Now her small fleet has come to rescue her. "

    A crew member hands her a data pad, containing data about the crashed HCSD, " Surrender your vessels to the Jedi, or leave. "

    (HCSD = Harrow Class Star Destroyer, and i may of sounded a bit, dark sidey, it's just i forgot how to play as a jedi. )

    Layara wrote:(OOC: Its okay, Alari, but you are going against your Ways this time and the Sith will use this against you. Taral, sorry about calling you a male, grr....just seems as if you are a truly a male lol but I will still know you as a female In The Game. Ah, guess Alari thinks you have no power any more since she called you "master" instead of "dark lady" Razz I'm powerful Smile)

    Darth Oracle listened to her very thoroughly rolling her eyes all the way around. "Jedi Alari, you may call be Grand Dark Lady of the Sith." She said lyingly. "Master Tarsal was simply lost and was trying to find Artifacts upon this Jedi Planet which belonged to the Sith. You see, our Great Ancestors lost their artifacts from being savaged by the Mandalorians at one time, it was a tragic and the artifacts they were shipping were released from their vessels' cargo bay and fall deep into the soil of the Planet. We hope you will attempt to cooperate then go with offensive actions as your Ways are not so and you are neither Sith nor a Dark Jedi. I believe you must follow and pursue Peace and Order at all times, if no offensive actions are shown by the other party to your vessel or fleet then you have no authorization to attack us. This is simply the Universal Jedi Code, disobeying such Code will result in the removal of your membership to the Galactic Jedi Order. I was once a Jedi you know and know all about them. You cannot fool me."

    Darth Taral wrote:"Nice job, Oracle," Taral whispered to Oracle through her communicator, having heard the conversation. "Now, just sneak down here and pick me up, for I'm ready to go," she said, thinking about that time the medical team came down and took the bodies from those tanks. "I know all I need to know, and I've discovered a great virus. It's no doubt all over me, but it seems force-sensitives are immune, for I've not died but my general did. And that's why I put the medical team in those suits. Now, if you are to pick me up, I'd advise you put as many suits on anyone as you can, including you, for I'm not sure about my theory. Or, you could lock down the ship in the landing bay, where I'll stay, if that's the measures you believe I should take."

    Alari Kae'la wrote:( i haven't played a Jedi, in a while, so yeah.. and Taral/Tarsal and oracle, there's no Ships on the planet (other than the crashed one), my 50 ships have blockaded the planet )

    "The Sith have no say in the matters of the Jedi, And all Sith artifacts are bathed in the dark side and must be destroyed."

    Nuchiha wrote:( Marro says it's my time to appear, and damn it Taral, Marro said that you said that the bodies were naked >.< )

    As Taral began tampering with the tanks, all of them began to make noises. The room filled with a ' OOOM ' noise, as each of the tanks opened, Nuchiha came out of the one at the end. Nuchiha, climbed out, the rest of the people died from being frozen for too long. Nuchiha was out of his tank, and he was, naked? Nuchiha quickly made to the end of the room, and opened a secret compartment, he put on his Cortosis Weave undermesh. He then put on his Cortosis and Mandalorian Iron mix armor, his entire body was covered with thick armor, yet it was weightless. Nuchiha was able to move very swiftly, and as soon as he saw the Medical Team taking the bodies, " HEY! " Nuchiha said, his voice muffled by his mask. He aimed his carbine at the medical team, " This is Empire Property! " Nuchiha said, as he pushed a Medic down, then he remembered his commands. He was to find the current Emperor named ' Ta'u '. Nuchiha looked at his forearm, there was a integrated computer. " Since you saw me, you must die. " Nuchiha said, for he was apart of a extremely top secret program. He used the computers to close all of the blast doors, which were made of Mandalorian Iron and were lightsaber proof. Nuchiha opened fire, and the resulting blaster fire should kill the entire medical team and trap the other scavengers.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:Alari ended the communication, and left the bridge, She had felt a sudden urge to just go down to the planet. she didn't know why but, she complied, and with in a few minutes she was on the planets surface. she steped of her transport with several Jedi in tow.

    She soon met up with the Troops on the planet, they had blockaded the entrance to the temple. " I'm colonel Sander, ma'am pleasure to meet you." he said as soon as he saw her. " Thank you colonel, what is happening? " she asked. " Well to be honest nothing, the temple appeared, the Sith entered then nothing for days. " he replied.

    "Thank you colonel, maxim alert, I don't know what I'll find in there." she ordered, " Your going in there... I mean yes ma'am " She then continued and made her way into the Temple, it seemed ripe with the darkside, but it didn't stop her.

    Nuchiha wrote:As soon as Alari attempted to enter the temple, a giant blast door closed very quickly. It was made of Mandalorian Iron, and was lightsaber proof. A forcefield then appeared just covering the temple, it would soon be then discovered to be a fort instead of a temple! Nuchiha was going through the temple, room by room, killing everyone inside, He soon met up with Taral. " You, you woke me up, just in time too, you shall die along with your lackies. " Nuchiha said, he open fired with his carbine and put into rapid fire, making blocking nearly impossible.

    Alari Kae'la wrote:" Hmm, a temporary distraction " she said, as she attempted to disrupt the Shield with her force. she began to meditate with several other masters, flickering could be seen in the shield, but it would't break.

    Layara wrote:(OOC: And how do you for sure no that the Medical Team did not have a cloaking generator? You did not, so the shuttle could have been stealth. Alari, to make it fair I will make a tiny plot behind it.)

    Darth Oracle's Cruiser:

    Negotiations With the Jedi

    "Oh, but, Peace and Order does and you must uphold such which you are not doing. There are no excuses for your unfortunate accident. Free him and we will go happily along with our lives. I am hereby extending an agreement, a treaty if you will, of the Highest Level of Peace in the entire Universe between the One Sith and the Jedi Order. This shall be a day peace reigns and no Sith will ever harm a Jedi, nor a Jedi ever harm a Sith. If you choose to except, our struggles will be at a rest and we can unite to destroy other evil forces. We could even consider sort of having an alliance with one another. I await your answer."

    Just then other things were happening aboard the Shuttle the Medical Team were aboard.

    Medical Team:

    In the Jedi Blockade

    "What is our status, Lieutenant?"

    "All systems check stable, however, we are entering space with a lot of vessels.." The Lieutenant Screeched.

    "What do you mean, Lieutenant?" The Commander asked curiously.

    "I still am not sure, I will have to check up on a few things."

    The Commander went on his combadge. "Medical Team, Military Crew, please report to your stations immediately. There may be some interactions aboard this ride." The Commander turned to the Lieutenant. "Halt your scans, Lieutenant. They are Jedi Cruisers."

    "But, how do you know?"

    "Because I just do, I been serving in the Royal Fleets for over 40 Years. Even before Darth Oracle was truly a Sith."

    "Yes, Sir. Scans cancelled. Shields set at maximum, weapons are doing a quick status report then will be ready."

    "Nice, thinking Lieutenant. I'm glad to have been your Commander for these past 5 years."

    "We are not going to die, you make it sound as such."

    "I know, I know. Just keep your eyes on what is to come."

    The Chief Medical Doctor stormed in the Bridge being a little furious. "Commander, what's the issue? Me and my medical team were just gathering our equipment for the land voyage."

    "Doctor, there is no voyage really, and we are going to have an encounter with a Jedi Blockade. Prepare for the worse."

    "And why can we NOT turn back!?!"

    "I have a mission to do and I fulfil all my missions, this one will not be the first one I incomplete."

    "Silly military personnel and their foolish ways. I've been a doctor for 70 years, once a soldier but am sure glad I chose the ways of Medicine."

    "Medicine may be full of work and "fun" as you say but the military is much more exciting and adventurous. Now take a seat before I order you to do so, Doctor."

    "Very well, Commander. But you heard your Superior, Darth Oracle, say that you are to protect me at all cost."

    "You are incorrect, Doctor. She said I am to protect this mission and the Medical Team at all cost, not you in specific."

    "Arghh, I hate when you people argue with me." The Chief Doctor and following the members of the Chief Medical Team of the Royal Fleet of Coruscant sat down in their seats getting buckled in.

    The Jedi Encounter

    The shuttle came across the Jedi Blockade, the shuttle tried to maneuver itself through it and a managed to squeeze between 2 ships before they detected them on scanners. Just as they did, the Jedi opened immediate, heavy fire on the Shuttle.

    "Open a joint channel with the Dark Lady and Darth Taral!"

    "Channel opened, Commander!!

    "Darth Oracle, Darth Taral, we encountered a Jedi Blockade. I am uncertain if we will make it, but I still have faith in my crew to be confident that we land this vessel safely. Our hyper drive has been disabled and is it way too late to return back to the vessel as we are already deep within the core of the Blockade."

    Communication With the Shuttle; Flagship of Darth Oracle

    "Incoming, hail. Its the Shuttle."

    "Open the Channel, now and also block any transmissions from the Jedi temporarily."

    "Channel opened."

    Before Oracle could speak, the Shuttle's Commander did.

    "Commander, I am glad you have such confidence and faith in your Crew. Make sure you protect the Medical Team, especially the Doctor. We can't have him dying if all others die. If it gets to be the worse then initiate E-"

    "Channel closed."

    "By himself?"

    "No, communications went down."

    "Huh...May the Sith Lords Speak. Unblock all Jedi Transmissions to us."

    "Aye, Dark Lady. No further transmission were made since you talked with the Shuttle last."

    Medical & Military Crew

    "All communicational systems are down."

    "That is unfortunate."

    "Heavy Weaponry Power, Incoming! No Survivors!"

    "Be seated, Lieutenant!"

    The Lieutenant sat down from standing. The Commander pressed a button on his panel and just as the missile smashed into the engines of the Shuttle, iron belts (like seat belts but iron) covered every one of their chests and the seats ejected from the Shuttle. So the missiles did crash into the shuttle but didn't explode until 3 seconds later, the missiles did explode along with the entire shuttle. Orange iron-composed circular parachute-like balls formed around the people who were in the seats and they had full thrust towards the planet below, they landed bouncing off trees and such and soon stopped bouncing and the circular cover packed up into a little backpack that each person that was ina seat was now carrying.

    "Come on, I know the way from here. I can use this tracker to find Darth Taral."

    Everyone followed them, hoping they were going the right way.

    Willice Evans wrote:(OOC: Oracle, how are you at all of those places at once? Also i dont think you need to write 50 paragraphs)

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