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    Jedi Holonet Announcement #2


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    Jedi Holonet Announcement #2 Empty Jedi Holonet Announcement #2

    Post by Darkwing on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:20 pm

    Willice Evans wrote:This messenge was recieved by the Jedi a few moments ago.

    Darth Screathil wrote: You stupid Jedi will be destroyed. We will take you out, then the Empire unless you surender to us the mighty Sith, we will destroy you, and if you dont assist us in assulting the Empire we will destroy you, and then go after the Empire. Your choice, but i warn you, we are ruthless.

    The Jedi have declaired a state of war on the Sith for this accusation and will not hold back, we will Liberate ALL Sith worlds, and take from them, and give to the poor, we will not hold back.

    Willice Evans wrote:Jedi Holonet Announcement #2 Fakepm10

    Darth Taral wrote:It is unlike you jedi to create fake messages like such, because I have not sent such a vile and cruel messsage to anybody, but if you want a war, we'll have a war.

    Willice Evans wrote:We diddnt make it, it came from you, everything is clear, i have no skills in making fake things, i cant, i would have made a more evil note if i made a fake one.

    Darth Taral wrote:"Nice bluff, but I do not believe you, scum. You shall bow before me once I've come to your destruction, and you will beg for my mercy. But I, am a merciful lord, so I shall deliver the final swift blow to your head." At that, Screathil closed the channel.

    Willice Evans wrote:"See, he wants my head on a stick, if its war you want, fine, its war you will get" i said right before he closed the channel

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