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    Post by Jodi Oron on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:56 pm

    As the ship Royal and its escort exited hyperspace, and began to orbit Kuat along with hundreds of other ships, Darth Taral sat emotionless in her rolling chair, bent over a desk in which a terminal sat upon. On the digital, flat, emitting screen were many windows regarding the map and some files she had picked up from Nal'Hutta. As she thoroughly searched through file after file, searching for more information on the Virus MG-886, Brigadier General Mae opened the metal, automatic door with the usual sliding sound, and poked in to say something. "Ma'am," he began, "the Royal is in orbit of Kuat now and--" "Tell me later, general," Taral rudely interrupted. "Yes, my Lady," the general grudgingly said. Taral ran her fingers through the blue screen before her, moving windows and files aside, only to come across a peculiar one with no title. She clicked the tab, and what popped up was a WARNING sign, and below it was the inscription: "This file is top-secret, and requires security pass codes to enter the files."

    In a text-box below, there was the words TYPE PASSWORD HERE, but Taral did not enter anything. She had no idea what to do, for she knew not the password. But, thinking quickly, she meditated in place and thought hard about what a scientist would want as a password. She suddenly recognized the name 'Marro,' a scientist for the Empire. His location was unknown, but it mattered little. She began to come across fake memories of what the password would be, but no relatively figurative 'click' sounded in her head. But, when thinking of the scientist's discoveries, she suddenly knew the password: 'MG-886.' Quite a simple password for a scientist, but he probably figured that's what everyone would think and wouldn't even consider such an obvious choice. She typed in the letters and numbers fast, and promptly entered it. As it entered, a whole screen popped up, with a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo about nonsense, regarding top-secret military files, which were old and obsolete, and some old Death Star plans (which she already knew of). But, there many, many files regarding the virus, but most personal logs. She searched through aimlessly, looking for anything of interest, but there were just too many files to simply just look through and find one in as little as a day's time. But, relatively coincidentally, she found a text bar that said 'search' beside it, implementing the factor that she could type in what she simply wanted, and it would search up anything with names close to what was searched.

    And so, Darth Taral searched up 'Origin,' and what came up were files about the origin of certain tactics and ships, and there weren't many, but just about in the middle was a file simply titled 'The Origin.' Taral, curious, opened it up and what came up were some paragraphs regarding the virus! And so, Taral read through, skimming the important stuff for the main details: The virus was created by the Jedi long ago, to render the Sith obsolete and useless, and the Jedi impeccable to any remaining Sith forces.

    Outraged, furious at herself for ever trusting the Jedi to be the selfless beings they were thought to be, she jumped from her seat. With eyes more fierce than a tigers, grunting with rage, she stared at all the equipment before her and used a Force outburst to cripple, bend and mend all around her together. The whole area rang and hummed with the bend and force of all the metal and other objects, as sheets of metal and terminal alike floated in the air, slowly revolving around Taral, until she bacame mindful of herself. Her face once scrunched up in anger, she suddenly looked up and retained a regular face. The objects around her fell to the ground, and Taral unclenched her fist, in which caused her nails to dig in her skin and cause little droplets of red fall to the ground. Taral turned around, acting as if nothing happened, and left the room, followed closely by a floating portable device, in which contained all the information she needed. Leaving the study area, she headed down to the (forgot the name, opens and closes back door and lets things out and in), and entered a Tempest-class Starfighter, and used it to fly all the way down to Kuat.

    Once reaching the capital, she landed in a space port and ignored several bows from admiring and grudging civilians, who all had no choice but to bow before Darth Taral. She entered the famed capital building of Kuat, and once walking up to the top, she entered a conference room that was rather empty. She contacted the governors and civilian leaders of Kuat, and said "This is Darth Taral. I have information regarding hostilities from the Jedi long before I had started the war between us. Meet me at the capital building to discuss these matters."

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