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    The INsanity That is Willice Evans

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    The INsanity That is Willice Evans Empty The INsanity That is Willice Evans

    Post by Willice Evans on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:32 am

    "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Willice said as he closed the channel

    "Prepair for there fait, but wait, what happens if, NO....Jail, its to painful, ITS TO PAINFUL" Willice said, he started to insanly laugh

    "Computer, self destruct" I said

    "All Troops to your ships" Willice said

    all the troops borded, he watched as they were all killed in the explosion destroying all 4 ships, his 2 mines, and all of his troops.

    he put his blaster to his head and shot, he killed himself under pressure of the Potium comeing to kill him, his body lay forgotton, on the forgotton planet of Nal'Hutta

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